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Our full product line of multichannel pipettes addresses many specific liquid handling applications you encounter everyday. We continue to improve your comfort. An essential element of efficient multichannel pipetting are the tips used and their fit with the pipette. Many pipettes on the market require excessive force. OVERVIEW HiYi multifunctional eight-channel electronic pipette is an electric-driven pipetting device with digital controls. Our latest electronic technology.

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Multichannel pipettes generally come with either 8 or 12 pipette heads, easily allowing for a single device to fill multiple wells at a single time. Available in single-, eight-and twelve-channel configurations, all Lambda Plus pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces. A multichannel pipette comprising a plurality of cylinders with a piston, each of the cylinders being connected to a lower tip (3), and where the distance.

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The "best" choice is complex because humans are complex, not pipettes! If you want the lightest, more compact, electronic pipette with a sophisticated and. CappTronic electronic multichannel pipette is one of the easiest multichannel electronic pipettes to set up and use. Having only a one-side programming. The issue with this type of multi-channel calibration is that testing every channel can be very time consuming. A point calibration on a channel pipette.