Call deflection simply means reducing the number of inbound calls that require human service agents. The primary goal is to reduce the amount of time. Use AI‑based self‑service and call deflection capabilities to move callers to digital channels for fast, effective resolutions, and lower contact center. AI-powered Pega Customer Service™ helps deflect contact center calls using predictive analytics and adaptive self-service functionality. Watch this brief demo.

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Deflect inbound calls to cost-efficient digital channels · Leverage AI and virtual assistants to provide self-service solutions · Stop preventable calls through. Employees can transfer inbound calls directly to another telephone number without accepting the calls themselves. This Deflect function is used. An approach is disclosed for providing call deflection. A voice call or chat is initiated by a user to an agent to satisfy an inquiry is received.

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Live chat software is handy when optimising your call deflection. But how can you get customers to use it? To find an answer, we turn to an unlikely source. Call deflection is the outcome of delivering answers to customers through self-service so that they don't call, email, or text the contact center. It can be a. Call deflection is the solution to reduce telephone waiting times. Saysimple helps companies to smartly route phone calls to WhatsApp.