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Free, Safe and Public DNS Servers ; , ; , Enter the following Google DNS servers: Primary: Secondary: Click OK. You are done changing the DNS server. Check. The authoritative name servers that serve the DNS root zone, commonly known as the “root servers”, are a network of hundreds of List of Root Servers.

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Public DNS Server ; · da · ; · "The DNS server list of restricted interfaces contains IP addresses that are not configured for use at the server computer. Use the DNS manager server. Welcome to the DNS Server Database, here you will find a comprehensive list of the main DNS servers for various popular ISPs located around the world. This list.

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You can access this DNS server by switching your IP address to , , , , or Though not as big as Google. DNS-over-TLS (DoT) ; Quad9 'secure'. fe::fe. ,, Quad9 do NOT publish or recommend use of SPKI pins with their servers. ; Quad9 '. Open and Unrestricted DNS Server List: ; Google. ; ; Level 3 Communications (Broomfield, CO, US). ; ; ; ; ;