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Self-priming Viscomat oil transfer pump. · Smooth flow & high suction capacity. · Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes. · Adjustable bypass valve & Viton lip. The PIUSI MA oil transfer pump has a flow rate of up to l/min and its self-priming function makes it safe from any possible damage in case of dry-. Raasm Non Toxic Pressure Sprayer · Raasm S/S Non Toxic Pressure Sprayer · Raasm Universal Washing Tank · Raasm Floor Waste Oil Drainer 95Ltr.

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This specialist pump is specifically designed for waste oil transfer where the pumping distance does not exceed 20m. A-FLO supplies air-operated oil transfer pumps ideal for low and medium viscosity transfer applications such as oil, waste oil, antifreeze and coolant. Oil transfer pumps are suitable for cleaning up spills from oils, fuels, lubricants, antifreeze, and many other chemicals, as well as for cleaning.

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Fuel & Oil Transfer Pump. Air Operated Oil Pump · Bucket Oil Pump · Electrical Oil Pump · Piston Pump · Refrigeration Compressor Oil · Waste Oil Drain Pumps. The Redline MPF Complete Waste Oil Filtration System incorporates a modular design featuring a powerful 1/2 HP transfer pump along with two main filtration. This portable water transfer pump is the industry's first cordless transfer pump, offering the fastest setup. With an innovative self-priming pump.