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Franking letters using a franking machine is a convenient and easy way to pay the postage for individual items. For both domestic and international letters. In , Top exporters of Postage-franking machines, ticket-issuing machines which print tickets are Hong Kong, China ($,K, 1,, Item). Define Postal Franking Machine. means a franking machine of any type as An Post may from time to time specifically approve, designed to denote payment of.

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A franking machine, or 'Postage Metre' is an invaluable resource for the modern workplace. Franking machines can instantly calculate exact postage costs and. the postal franking machines. The Neopost PSD performs all franking machine's cryptographic and postal security functions and protects the Critical Security. A franking machine is used to print a barcode on to a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamp. A franking machine downloads and securely.

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Remote meter-setting franking machines are postage meters which, as the name suggests are reset by telephone, fax or modem, rather than at the Post Office as. What is a franking machine? Franking is the practice of bypassing the use of traditional postage stamps for mailing letters and parcels. Did you know? This simple infographic shows how simple it is to use - from weighing your letters/parcels to popping them into your post box. Franking machines have been.