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The average cost of a new heat pump installation is $5, Most homeowners spend in the range of $4,$7, The original cost will depend on a number of. See typical tasks and time to install a heat pump, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See professionally prepared estimates for heat pump. Typically, the cost to replace a gas furnace is $5,, while the total cost can be as high as $11,, depending on the type and location of your home.

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When the work is completed, replacing your heat pump compressor typically costs anywhere between $1, to over $2, depending on the size and. A typical 2, sq ft home requiring a heating and cooling load of 60, BTU could see your cost increase to anywhere between $20, - $25, to install. Air. The cost to repair a heat pump in Atlanta ranges from $ to $+ with the average being around $ Heat pump repair cost depends on factors like Heat.

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We asked homeowners how much their heat pump cost them. Installations cost between $ and $ The average installation cost $ The average replacement cost of a residential heat pump system is $6, for a complete to 3 ton heat pump system, installed by a local HVAC pro near. A compressor, also called a heat pump, is an integral part of any air conditioning system. For proper cooling of the system, it is very important to keep it.