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The Philosophy Department offers a BA with four concentrations: Pre-Law and Applied Ethics; The Good Life; Science, Technology and Ethics;. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy requires credits. General Education Requirements ( credits). In addition to meeting the course requirements. A philosophy degree is not designed to prepare you for a specific career, but Philosophy is an excellent major for students preparing for law school and.

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Philosophy graduates are naturally suited to careers in research or politics. They may also seek jobs in charity work or publishing, or decide to train as. Earning a bachelor's or master's degree in philosophy can prepare graduates for a wide range of careers that align with the analytical, investigative nature. Because of this, a philosophical education is a valuable foundation for just about any career, and just about any sort of life. Many philosophy majors go into.

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Philosophy is also a great major for students who want to keep their graduate school options open. Philosophy majors consistently rank at or near the top of. There are a great many career fields which build on studies in Philosophy. In exploring options, reflect on the skills you have developed through your major. A philosophy major makes an ideal component of a double major The critical thinking skills you develop by studying philosophy help you in any other field of.